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Volunteer at SAC Ecuador

Spanish Academy Cuenca’s Volunteer Program

 Students who are looking to volunteer their professional or academic skills to help different institutions around Cuenca can sign up for SAC’s volunteer program. In this program, students will be able to help out in the Cuenca community by participating in and organizing different activities and programs. New positions can be arranged for students depending on their interests. This program can include Spanish lessons in addition to their volunteer wor

Fundación Peluditos Cuenca

This organization is a shelter for dogs that have been abandoned, are ill, or who have suffered from accidents. At this shelter, dogs are rehabilitated and put up for adoption once they are healthy. Students who volunteer with this shelter will help care for, feed, and provide attention for the healing dogs. The volunteer hours are Monday-Friday in the mornings or on the weekend.

Zuro Yurak Allpa 

Zuro Yurak Allpa is an animal rescue located in Tarqui parish, 40 minutes outside of Cuenca. This shelter focuses on rescuing animals and birds that have been mistreated or used for illegal commercialization. Students volunteering at this rescue will help care for the animals by giving them attention and cleaning and maintaining the rescue premises. The rescue can also offer lodging and food for volunteers who need it. Each student will volunteer for 4-8 hours every day.

Initial Education Center Patitos


This institution focuses on providing care and education to children aged 6 months-4 years. Volunteers will teach the children English as a second language, introduce the children to singing, music, and art, and be a part of the general activities such as hippotherapy, swimming, and preparing teaching materials. Students will volunteer Monday-Friday for 4 hours in the morning. 

Fundación Cinterandes

This organization travels to different provinces in Ecuador and provides free surgery to people with limited economic resources. This volunteer program is designed for doctors or medical students who specialize in surgery. The schedule of this program depends on the work schedule of the organization.

Hoga Christo Rey

This organization is dedicated to caring for the elderly population in Cuenca that have been abandoned or live on low income. Volunteers will help care for the elderly by offering attention, helping with recreational activities, and assisting during meal times. Volunteers will work Monday-Friday for 2-4 hours.

Vistalsur Magazine Ecuador

Students who volunteer for this organization will translate texts describing the journalistic, cultural, and tourist information about Cuenca, the surrounding areas, and other places within Ecuador. Volunteers will get the chance to learn about many tourist locations and get to become deeply familiar with Ecuador. Volunteers will work Monday-Friday for a total of 2-3 hours a day.

Foundation Osso

This foundation is dedicated to caring for children and adolescents who have severe disabilities and are suffering from abandonment. Volunteers will help care for the children while also helping with recreational activities with the intent of helping the children have a better quality of life. Volunteers will work in the mornings Monday-Friday for 4 hours.