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1 Month Spanish Intensives

Course Overview

Beginning Spanish:  

Your Spanish vocabulary is limited to hola, gracias and adios or maybe you took Spanish classes a long time ago but need to start from scratch. The beginner class is for you! This class will help develop your basic oral and written skills in Spanish, while also learning about Ecuadorian Culture. In this class, you will cover:

  • Grammar focus: present & past tense
  • Essential vocab, pronunciation help, and conversational practice
  • Up to 80 hrs. of  small group lessons, 20 hrs.of cultural activities & city tour

Intermediate Spanish: 

You can hold a basic conversation in Spanish and are able to say some things in the past and future. Your Spanish is rusty but with a little work you can jump back into it. In this course, you will continue to build upon what you learned in introductory Spanish by refreshing verb conjugations while simultaneously moving on to higher levels of grammar, vocabulary and improved written and oral skills.In this class, you will cover:

  • Grammar focus: Present perfect, pluperfect, future tense, conditional propositions
  • Develop fluidity & confidence to  engage in more advanced conversational topics 
  • 80 hrs. small group lessons; 20 hrs. of cultural activities & city tour

Advanced Spanish: 

You’re not scared by the subjunctive (being a little scared is OK, it’s pretty hard) and your conversational skills can get you past the basics. You’ve kept up with your Spanish over the years and feel comfortable with it. This course is designed for students who can communicate with ease and confidence and are looking to cement their Spanish learning. You will cover all grammar points before focusing on the more difficult aspects of the Spanish language.Grammar points to cover:

  • Recap of all tenses & subjunctive; learn to connect on a deeper level
  • Learn commonly used idioms and sayings and how and when to integrate them into a variety of fun and  challenging conversational situations
  • Up to 80 hrs. of small group lessons, 20 hrs.of cultural activities & city tour

Latin American Culture: 

This course is immersed in everyday Latin American culture, which ranges from family customs, religion, politics, economics, health, entertainment, socio-cultural expressions and, of course, the food! You’ll have the chance to attend certain lectures at the University of Cuenca and various expositions on Latin American culture. Although the course will offer a general overview of Latin American culture as a whole, it will naturally have a certain Ecuadorian touch.

  • Available for both intermediate and advanced Spanish speakers
  • Improve skills in listening, understanding and speaking in different social  situations
  • Up to 80 hrs. of small group lessons, 20 hrs.of cultural activities & city tour

Medicine Course:

For professionals and students wanting to learn medical Spanish, working in the medical field or those who are doing a medical internship in Latin America. This course is designed to teach Spanish terminology and vocabulary necessary in Latin American medicine. Course can be given in groups or individually.1 month program (min.) 

  • Expand Latin American medical vocab knowledge
  • Visit hospitals and other medical institutions
  • Up to 80 hrs.of small group lessons, 20 hrs. of cultural activities & city tour

DELE Exam Prep: 

The DELE exam (Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera) is for advanced students who are wanting a worldwide recognized title of Spanish proficiency, backed by the Instituto Cervantes. You should consider taking this exam if you are wanting to teach in higher education, plan on living in a Spanish speaking country or are using it to further your education. The course is for students who wish to prepare for the DELE exam, focusing on the writing, reading, listening, and speaking aspects of the test. (Due to the intensive prep time needed to complete this course, this is a stand alone course).

  • Personalized instruction; preparation for all aspects of the test
  • Study skills help; test tips and tricks
  • DELE Proficiency: Internationally recognized and valid for your lifetime
  • 60 hrs. of small group lessons, 20 hrs.of cultural activities & city tour

Private Lessons: 

  • Individualized & dynamic
  • 1:1 & groups of 2-3
  • Skilled professors; native speakers
  • Approx. 60 hrs./month (15 hrs./wk.)

Program Highlights:

  • Up to 80 hours of dynamic class instruction 
  • 20 hours of guided cultural activities
  •  City tour
  • For all ages & stages (18+) couples, travel groups and retirees 
  • Volunteer opportunities!

 1 Month Spanish Intensives:


  • Beginning Level Spanish   
  • Intermediate Level Spanish  
  • Advanced Level Spanish 
  • Latin American History 
  • Medical Spanish 
  • DELE Prep
  • Cultural Immersion Spanish Programs
  • Private Tutoring for Individuals & groups