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About Spanish Academy Cuenca

Spanish Academy Cuenca (SAC Ecuador) is a Spanish-language school in Cuenca, Ecuador, founded by Fausto Balarezo and Martha Pulla and is a part of the Scholars Abroad Consultants (SAC) network. Together, Fausto and Martha have over 34 years of experience teaching Spanish to foreign students.

 SAC prides itself in offering a Spanish program that goes beyond just language learning. SAC’s mission is to tailor every lesson to each student and to create an environment of respect and encouragement that allows students to flourish, and ultimately live the language.

In addition to the wonderful teaching practices, SAC is also located in the beautiful, magical city of Cuenca, a perfect place for students to practice their Spanish. The architecture in Cuenca is heavily influenced by 16th and 17th century Spanish colonial architecture, making the city one of the only European-looking cities in Ecuador. The City Center was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the historical buildings and their importance to Cuenca history. 

The Spanish Academy of Cuenca is located in El Rincon del Angel, a cafe restaurant in the heart of Cuenca. The cafe is located in the historical center, with all the  necessary amenities for students in a semi private space (photos below). The magical atmosphere mixed with the wonderful teaching practices makes Spanish Academy Cuenca the best place for students to learn and live the Spanish language. Address: El Rincon del Angel/Luis Codero y Honorato Vasquez, 010107, Cuenca, Ecuador

At-a-Glance (2020-21)

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