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SAC Ecuador Cultural Activities

Spanish Academy Cuenca

 Spanish Academy Cuenca (SAC) offers a variety of after-class activities that give students the opportunity to explore the beautiful Ecuadorian scenery. Students who participate in these after-class activities will better get to know their classmates and instructors, visit new exciting destinations around the city, and practice their Spanish outside of the classroom. Participating in cultural activities is highly recommended and one of the best experiences of studying abroad.


After-Class Activities

Students can participate in cultural activities in the afternoons after classes are over for the day. Cultural activities take place once a week around 3 pm, and they give students the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Cuenca. After-class activities are included in the course price and have no additional fee. 

  • City Tour
    • Take a tour to see the beautiful and important locations hiding within Cuenca. The City Center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offering sites of historical buildings important to the city.
  • Dance Lessons: Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, and Tango
    • Try your hand at learning traditional Latin American dances such as Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Tango, and many more!
  • Cooking/Cocktail Lessons
    • Participate in cooking lessons to learn how to make traditional Ecuadorian food, and join in on cocktail classes to learn about Ecuadorian cocktails and how to make them.
  • Spanish Table (Conversation Club)
    • Practice your Spanish skills in this after-class club that takes place at school. Have everyday conversations with your friends, and get help and feedback from your instructors in a casual setting.

Field Trips

Cuenca has a lot to offer, and students get the chance to take day trips out into the city to experience the local businesses and culture. 

  • Museums
    • Visit the many museums Cuenca has to offer, including the Museo de Arte Abstracto Español, La Catedral de Cuenca, Museo de las Ciencias de Castilla la Mancha en Cuenca, and the Museo de Paleontologia de Castilla-La Mancha. Whether you’re a art lover or science fanatic, there is something in Cuenco for everyone.
  • Exportadora K. Dorfzaun
    • Visit the Exportadora K. Dorfzaun, a hat factory in Cuenca that makes the finest Panama hats in the world. Take a tour of the factory and watch how the Panama hats are made.
  • Chocolate Factories
    • Cuenca is home to some of the finest chocolate in the world. Try some of Cuenca’s delicious chocolates, and learn how it is made at the various chocolate factories throughout the city.

Spanish Club

Spanish Academy of Cuenca offers a Spanish club that students can choose to participate in after class. Spanish Club helps students relax, have fun, and practice their Spanish in an everyday setting. Examples of Spanish Club activities include yoga, horse riding, athletic outings, bird watching, fishing, camping, hiking, and arts (dancing, painting, and music). No matter the student, there is a Spanish Club activity that will interest everybody.

Workshop Visits

Cuenca produces many exports, and students have the opportunity to visit these workshops to learn about different Ecuadorian products and how they are made. Visit workshops that make ceramics, guitars, tagua (vegetable ivory), jewelry, blacksmith items, and body essentials.  Trips to these workshops not only provide students with the chance to learn more about products that influence the Cuenca culture, but they can also interact with locals, try making the products themselves, and get a sense of the Cuenca impact on the local and global level. (Free-minimal fee)

Day Trips

Students will have the opportunity to spend a full day taking trips within the province of Azuay. Each trip is within 30 minutes to 2 hours away from the SAC school, and the trips are designed to give students the opportunity to experience more of the Ecuadorian scenery. Some examples of day trips would be trips to the Gualaceo-Chordeleg, the Ruins of Ingapirca, the Jet of Girón, and the Yanuncay tourist corridor. Each trip has a fee that includes guided tours, transportation, and lunch. Additional trips include: 

  • El Cajas National Park
    • The El Cajas National Park is located in west Cuenca and is known for its hundreds of lakes, the trails through the cloud forests, and the abundant wildlife.
  • The Chobshi-San Bartolomé-Sigsig Caves
    • These caves are located on a plateau at the foot of the Huallil Hills. This area has many architectural important sights, and students will be able to visit the Chobshi’s Black Caves. These caves were created 10,000 years ago for the hunters and gatherers, and the architecture and surrounding findings represent what life was like during those times.
  • Buza Lagoon
    • The Buza Lagoon is a beautiful tourist lagoon where students can visit, relax, and take in the scenery. The lagoon is only 30 miles away from Cuenca, and it offers outdoors activities for students looking for a fun day at the lagoon.